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Adding Google Analytics to a help center

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After creating your own help center via Trengo and adding content to it, you’re able to integrate your Google Analytics with it. With Google Analytics integrated, you can view how much time your customers spend on each article, which terms they are using when searching, and how many articles they are reading per session.

Integrate Google Analytics

Follow the instructions below to integrate Google Analytics with your Trengo help center.

1. Navigate to Help Center and select your help center;

2. Select ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Advanced settings’;

3. Add your Google Analytics tracking ID;

ℹ️ It might take up to a few hours until Google Analytics starts tracking your data.

ℹ️ You can not retrieve data from any period before you added your tracking ID.

Don’t forget to click ‘Save changes’.

Last updated:
September 26, 2023