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Adding WhatsApp Templates via 360Dialog

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To start a conversation with a customer via the WhatsApp Business API, you can use a WhatsApp template. This is a pre-approved message you need to submit and has to be approved by Meta before you are able to send it to a customer. Keep WhatsApp’s conditions in mind, when creating a new WhatsApp template.

WhatsApp Templates via 360dialog

To add a WhatsApp template to Trengo with 360dialog as your BSP, follow the steps below.

Steps to take in 360dialog

1. Navigate to the 360dialog Hub, log in using your credentials, and head to your dashboard;

2. Click ‘Manage templates’ in the overview of the phone number to which you’d like to add a WhatsApp template;

3. Select the ‘Add template’ button;

4. Fill out the form;

1. Name: The name of your template. This name can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores.

2. Category: Choose the category your template suits best.

3. Language: Select the language your template is in.

4. Template type: Trengo only supports the ‘Standard (text only)’ template.

5. Body: Write down the content of your template. Remember you can use variables, to easily personalize your template.

6. Preview and submit: When you’re done setting up your template, click this button.

ℹ️ WhatsApp will now review your template. The moment the template is approved, you can add it to Trengo, by following the steps below.

Steps to take in Trengo

1. Head to Trengo, and navigate to Settings > Channels > WhatsApp Business > Manage templates;

2. Click the ‘plus’ icon, or ‘New template’ and fill out the form;

1. Title: Give the template the exact same name you gave it in 360dialog earlier.

2. Identifier: The identifier for this template will be filled in automatically. You don’t have to adjust this.

3. Category: Choose the same category as you did in 360dialog.

4. Language: Select the same language as for the template you submitted in 360dialog.

5. Channel: Choose for which channel you’d like to use this template.

6. Message: Copy and paste the content of your template from 360dialog to this box in Trengo. The content has to be the exact same as how you’ve submitted it in 360dialog.

7. Buttons: With 360dialog as your BSP, you are not able to use templates including buttons. In case you want to make use of buttons, you can migrate your WABA to Trengo as BSP.

8. Status: Here you can find the current status of your submitted template (Under review, Accepted, or Rejected).

9. Create Template: Click this button to submit your template.

Once the Template is created in Trengo, you and your colleagues can immediately use it to approach customers. In case you get to see an error message when sending out this template, please double-check if the content in 360dialog is exactly the same as the content in Trengo.

ℹ️ Be aware that additional costs are associated with the use of WhatsApp Templates. For an accurate and up-to-date overview, please see WhatsApp’s conversation-based pricing.

Last updated:
September 24, 2023