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Confirming an opt-in in Klaviyo

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By integrating Klaviyo with Trengo, you can automate processes in Trengo, based on triggers in Klaviyo. In this series of articles, we’ll show you how to have your customers opt-in (and opt-out) for e.g. your WhatsApp newsletter in Klaviyo.

After you’ve enabled your number in Klaviyo and set up a rule with which your customers can opt-in to your automated messages, you can check on the subscribed customers and use these metrics to set up other automations in Klaviyo. Below you'll find a video showing you how to find your opted-in customers in Klaviyo (from 04:30).

Confirm an opt-in in Klaviyo

Follow the steps below to check on which customers in Klaviyo have opted-in via your WhatsApp template and Rule in Trengo.

1. Navigate to Klaviyo > Audience > Profiles and click the phone number of the customer;

2. You can check if your customer opted-in via WhatsApp in two ways, by looking for ‘Subscribed to WhatsApp’ and ‘trengo_whatsapp_consent_true’. You can use these metrics in your further automation.

ℹ️ By navigating to Klaviyo > Analytics > Metrics > Trengo ~~ Subscribed to WhatsApp, you can also see your opted-in customers in a graph.

👈 Setting up a rule for opt-in in Trengo

Last updated:
September 26, 2023