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Editing user roles

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Every user in Trengo has a user role, which can be Administrator, Supervisor, Advanced agent, Basic agent, or Observer. These user roles have standard permissions assigned to them. As an Administrator in Trengo, you have the ability to add or remove certain permissions. In this article, we’ll explain to you how to edit user roles.

Edit user roles

To edit a user role in Trengo, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Settings > Organisation > Users;

2. Click ‘Manage roles’;

3. Configure the user role(s) to your liking;

1. User roles: Choose which user roles you’d like to edit.

2. Basic permissions: Here you’ll see all the basic and standard permissions (which are not configurable) the selected user role has.

3. Configurable permissions: Enable or disable certain permissions for this user role.

4. Save user roles: When you’re done configuring permissions, click ‘Save user roles’ to confirm the changes you’ve made.

You’ve now successfully configured user roles’ permissions. Feel free to read more about user roles, or continue editing users in Trengo.

Last updated:
September 22, 2023