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Integrate Magento 1 with Trengo

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Connecting Magento 1 with your Trengo-inbox allows you to view the order history of your customers directly in Trengo. In this article, we’ll show you how to do this.

Integrating Magento 1

Follow the steps below to integrate Magento 1 with your Trengo-inbox.

1. Head to your Magento dashboard and log in using your Magento credentials;

2. Navigate to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC – Roles;

3. Click ‘Add new role’;

4. Enter a role name with your admin password and click ‘Save Role’;

5. Navigate to ‘Role Resources’, set ‘Resource Access’ to ‘All’, and click ‘Save Role’;

ℹ️ If you do not want to set ‘Resource Access’ to ‘All’, at least enable Sales > Order > Retrieve orders info, Sales > Order shipments > Retrieve shipment info, Customers > Retrieve customer info, and Customers > Addresses > Retrieve address info.

6. Head back to your Magento dashboard and navigate to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC – Users;

7. Click ‘Add New User’;

8. Add the information for this user. The ‘User Name’ and ‘API Key’ will be needed in Trengo. Click ‘Save User’;

9. Select ‘User Role’ and give the user the role we created earlier. Click ‘Save User’;

10. Copy and save the username and API key which were just created within ‘User info’;

11. Head to your Trengo-inbox, and navigate to Settings > Settings > Apps & Integrations;

12. Select ‘Apps’ and click the ‘plus’ button;

13. Give your app a name and select ‘Magento 1’ from the ‘App type’ dropdown;

14. Set up your app in Trengo;

1. Name: The name of your app, which should already be filled in.

2. App type: This is set to ‘Magento 1’.

3. Your shop URL: Add your shop URL here.

4. Your shop’s Admin URL: Add your shop’s Admin URL here.

5. SOAP/XML User Name: Enter the user name you created earlier (step 10).

6. SOAP/XML API key: Enter the API key you created earlier (step 10).

Click save changes, and you’ve now successfully integrated your Magento 1 account with Trengo. To view the additional information in your Trengo-inbox, simply open a conversation and check the right sidebar.

ℹ️ You are able to speed up the API, by going to your Magento dashboard and navigating to System > Configuration > Services > Magento Core API. Click ‘Enable WSD Cache’, choose ‘Yes’ and select the ‘Save config’ button.

Last updated:
September 26, 2023