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Keeping up your GBM metrics

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After setting up and launching your Google Business Messages (GBM) channel in Trengo, Google will update you with their ‘Google quality reports’, to make sure your service levels are meeting the customer's and Google's expectations.

Google quality report

In the ‘Google quality reports’ you’ll receive, two metrics are important to keep an eye on. In case these metrics drop below the benchmark Google has set up, Google may reach out to you to discuss your company’s performance on Google. If the performance fails to meet the benchmark for a longer period of time, Google will disconnect the agent.

🔘 Customer satisfaction (CSAT): The CSAT will be displayed in percentages, and Google expects you to have a CSAT score of at least 80%.

🔘 Merchant response rate (MRR): The frequency with that your agent responds to new messages from users, either through automation or live agents, also reported as a percentage. This has to be at least 95%.

In case you can’t keep up with these metrics, and get disconnected, you can always try to relaunch the agent. However, after a couple of times of getting blocked without getting your scores up, the agent might be banned permanently.

Good to know

To prevent your MRR from dropping below the set 95%, you can use one of the following features Trengo offers, to automatically send on or more messages when your customer reaches out to you.

🔘 Auto replies

🔘 Rules

🔘 Flowbots

Last updated:
September 24, 2023