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Verifying your GBM agent

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When you’ve set up your Google Business Messages (GBM) locations, it’s time for the last step in the process of connecting GBM to Trengo: verifying your GBM agent. In this article, we’ll show you how to do this.

Verify your GBM agent

Follow the steps below to verify your Google Business Messages agent.

1. Click the ‘Request verification’ button;

2. Receive two emails on the email address you’ve entered as your brand contact email;

ℹ️ The first email contains instructions and validates the submitted information.

ℹ️ The second email provides you with your security key.

3. Reply to the first email (containing the instructions) with ‘I, [name and title], grant Trengo the right to send Business Messages using the information specified in this email.’ and add the security key;

ℹ️ Google will now review your submission. You can continue with the next steps once Google informed you that your submission has been approved. Do note that Trengo has no influence on (the length of) the reviewal process.

4.1. For non-physical locations only; update the channel and the chat button should be available within a few hours.

4.2. For physical locations, navigate to ‘Manage locations’ and make sure to request verification for each location that you have added. Google will mark them as verified if everything is reviewed. Once they are marked as verified you can update the channel and the chat button should be available within a few hours.

When you've finalized adding Google Business Messages to Trengo, it's a good idea to make sure you're keeping up your GBM metrics, to avoid being disconnected by Google.

Last updated:
September 24, 2023