Assist your customers real-time with co-browsing

March 23, 2020

Whether you own a webshop, a digital showroom or any other platform that enables customers to shop online, assisting them in their shopping process can be difficult. Helping them pick the right product via a phone call or chat can be a real pain and doesn’t always get the job done. However, with our new feature, co-browsing, you will no longer have this problem. With this feature, every small struggle the customer faces in their process is quickly solved by a customer support or sales agent who has a live view or fully takes control of the customer’s website visiting activity.

What is co-browsing?

Co-browsing (short for collaborative browsing) is the definition of two people browsing the web together on one person’s device, both from a different device. One person accesses the other’s browser in order to perform specific tasks.

Co-browsing is often used on businesses’ websites or in digital portals where a visitor can be assisted by a customer support agent. This is great for companies who sell products online via their webshop, for instance. Co-browsing makes it easier to communicate and understand which issues the customer is facing.

The advantages of co-browsing

  • Super fast and reliable
  • No browser extension or app installation needed
  • A safe way of communicating
  • Less support via email and phone
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Website chat integration

Deliver the best experience by helping the customer directly with their order. You no longer have to ask your customers on which exact page they are, or which buttons they are clicking.


The customer and agent can request a co-browsing session directly from the website chat. When both accept the co-browsing, the agent will have access to view the customers’ screen and point the him in the right direction.

Need even more control?

The customer can give the customer service agent access to control the customer’s activity on the website. When this is done, the agent can assist and guide the customer towards their goal. This gives the agent the opportunity to deliver the best experience possible.

Co-browsing is now available in the Trengo website chat using Surfly.

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