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How to use one email account with multiple users

Written byPim de Vos
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Teams can use one email account with multiple users by connecting an email address to Trengo. Here, they can assign emails to specific users, collaborate on writing replies, and communicate internally (without having to CC or BCC) – all while keeping their shared team inbox organized and clean. This makes it easier to reply fast and create amazing customer experiences.

Trengo helps teams to work together on email and reply faster by using a shared team inbox.

The best way for multiple users to use the same email address

Managing one email address with different people can be tricky. However, Trengo is set up to do exactly that.

Assign emails

When an email comes in, you can assign it to a specific user. This way, no message gets overlooked or replied to more than once.

Assign emails to specific users

Label emails

When sharing an email account with two or more users, it’s important to keep your emails organized. In Trengo, you can do this by adding labels to incoming messages.

Add labels to messages to keep your email account with multiple users organized.

You can customize these labels to your own wishes. Examples of popular labels are:

  • Urgent 🚨
  • Job application 💼
  • Finance 💰

Every label gets its own folder so you can quickly have a look at important emails on one specific topic.

Keep a pulse on performance

An important benefit of using a shared team inbox is the ability to monitor all the performance of your team. In one overview, you can view statistics such as how many emails are still waiting for a reply and what the average time until the first response is.

Keep track of statistics in your team inbox.

Collaborate on email with multiple users

Within Trengo, users don’t have to leave a conversation to communicate with their colleagues. All you have to do is @tag your colleagues and start chatting right within the email thread – without your customers noticing anything.

Work together on email with multiple users.

By chatting within email threads, you don’t have to switch to another tool to ask questions about a customer inquiry. This enables you to work more efficiently and reply faster than before.

Start working together and replying faster

With Trengo, teams can work together in one email account to improve the customer experience and work more productively.

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Written by Pim de Vos

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