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October 20, 2017

Handling time: from 8 to 2 minutes with Trengo

Patrick Meutzner
Patrick Meutzner

At Carglass®, part of Group Belron, you can now easily get an estimate for your small car damages, like scratches and dents. You provide photos of the damage via social or the Carglass® website and receive an estimate within the hour. The Carglass® customer care center had been looking for a smart solution to receive all orders in one inbox, to easily handle all estimates. Tim van Eldik, performance & implementation specialist at the customer care center, explains why Carglass® chose Trengo and how they now use this application.

Improve processes and digitize

Working for Carglass® Tim van Eldik is involved in creating a faster and more convenient work flow methods. “We wanted to establish a digital process for our new service ‘scratch and dent repair’. This way people can quickly get an estimate via our website or social. Additionally, we use live chat to respond to any questions about these estimates. All these incoming estimate requests, questions and chats have to end up in a certain place. We didn’t want 3 applications for three separate contact flows. This is why we started looking for a dashboard, that arranges all incoming estimate requests and questions according to its type. We also wanted to generate reports from this dashboard on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This way we’re able to get insight in our progress, productivity and results. Because this is a new service, we needed to test it. Carglass® didn’t want to invest a lot of money in systems and software if there were also other options out there.”

Approachable and easy

“We chose Trengo out of several providers. Trengo is approachable and is easy to manage. The fact that Trengo is a start-up company is a big plus. After setting up a demo account we started testing the process from A to Z within 2 days”, says Van Eldik. “We wanted to have extra options as well. Trengo implemented ticket fields, ticket results, our channel colors and extensive reporting possibilities that we can export to other systems. Now we are figuring out which possibilities Trengo’s API offers and how we can use it. For example, filling in certain fields in our system automatically.”

Handling time: from an average 8 to 2 minutes

“At the moment our new Trengo inbox is managed by 25 to 30 Carglass® employees. Customers don’t have to visit us to get an estimate for car damage, but they can if they want to. Estimates get entered with photos, name and address. Colleagues can tele-communicate and work from home. The ticket system makes sure nobody handles orders twice. And because all estimates appear in one place, we were able to build a smart connection between our front-end system and Trengo. This way we achieved greater efficiency: we have already reduced our handling time per estimate from an average 8 to 2 minutes!”

Thinking ahead

Van Eldik: “Trengo is very easy accessible. Even during weekends we can reach them with urgent matters or questions. They contribute their thoughts and ideas and help us solve our problems. For example, we are looking to improve our customer valuation process. Conversations with other parties are ongoing and Trengo takes part in these meetings too. They are pioneers, know their business well and always think ahead. If Carglass® wants to make adjustments, Trengo is always willing to cooperate. And if our business wants something that is not doable Trengo is there for us to provide us with other options.”

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