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Presenting our new inbox design: stripped-down and faster than ever

Written byPim de Vos
New inbox final

At Trengo, we believe that one of the most satisfying things in life is a good conversation. Where the right information is exchanged fast and efficiently, without distractions or misunderstandings. 

With modern technology, it has become difficult to achieve this. The more the world innovates, the more chaotic and inefficient our way of communicating seems to become. The customer’s expectations when it comes to communication are at an all-time high, and living up to those expectations is more complicated than ever. 

Companies spend hours per day monitoring an infinite amount of communication channels, plowing through long-winded email threads, and trying to stay afloat in the deep dark ocean that teams call their inbox. Too much energy is wasted on performing manual tasks and switching between tools. 

That’s why we have created a  team inbox that gives businesses back the time to work on stuff that really matters. Because a modern inbox should eliminate chaos, not stimulate it. We are on a mission to help teams work together and reply faster than ever.

Today, we can finally present the latest milestone in our journey. We proudly present to you: our new inbox design.

What’s new?

Here’s a quick overview of the most important upcoming changes:

  • We stripped the inbox down to its essentials and tightened up the design for a more focused workflow
  • We improved the mobile experience
  • We created a navigation panel for quick access to important elements such as the help center, profiles, analytics, and settings
  • Assigning conversations and adding labels is easier and faster than before
  • We moved, refreshed and improved the phone menu and the notifications
  • The inbox now fits smaller resolutions even better

Less is more

In the last months, our main focus has been to create a stripped-down version of Trengo. A place where users can automate their workflow and work efficiently, with an increased focus on the essential features.

“I call the new design ‘unboxed’ because we simply got rid of all the boxes in our inbox.” – Patrick Meutzner

The perfect balance is found at the place where the user experience feels natural, easy, and intuitive while being efficient and productive at the same time.

Why we improved our inbox design

One of the key players in bringing the new inbox design to life was Patrick Meutzner, co-owner of Trengo. His main focus was to think through the new design and bring it to life. A big chunk of the design was created during a trip through the United States with co-owners Igo and Marcel, in the back of the car that they used to cruise the West coast.

According to Patrick, one of the main objectives was to stand out from the competition: “As a relatively small start-up on a worldwide scale, you simply need to have an amazingly designed product. Our competitors all have a – as I like to call it – ‘boxed design’.”

This means their designs all contain frames and lines. “We challenged ourselves to create a design without those elements. I call it ‘unboxed’ because we simply got rid of all the boxes in our inbox.”

Trengo’s refreshed and stripped-down inbox design

Knowing our users 

Above all else, the needs of our users are always front and center. Every inch of Trengo is built with them in mind.  To learn as much as we can about them, we focus on more than just analyzing the available data. 

The goal is to know what the users really need, and what is standing in the way of them achieving their goals. It requires us to have real conversations,  ask in-depth questions, and carefully analyze all of the insights. Besides that, our product team – consisting of developers and designers – is very in tune with this information.

“Design can make people feel like they are in the right place.” – Patrick Meutzner

So is Patrick: “I may not be in constant contact with our customers, but I know all about them and what they are looking for. Our inbox is the first thing I check once I wake up, and the last thing I check before bed. I know what customers are dealing with and what their needs are.”

Patrick Meutzner, CEO and co-founder of Trengo

Improving the user experience

“Design can make people feel as if they are in the right place,” says Patrick. So what exactly have we changed in order to achieve that feeling? “We improved the user interface. For example, teams that use Trengo extensively are constantly assigning incoming conversations to colleagues. This task is now done in 2 clicks instead of 5. With hundreds of conversations every week, improvements like these make it easy for teams to get things done even faster.”

Trengo's new uber menu

He goes on to explain why the inbox was stripped down: “The goal is for customers to notice less and have the ability to put all their focus into the conversation. We want to take away all the noise. That’s why the essentials are now combined in one navigation panel.” This new panel can be seen in the image above.

“This panel also creates space for where we see Trengo headed in the future. We may add features such as to-do lists and calendars to the tool. In the near future, we will introduce a team chat and the private inbox as well. We aim for Trengo to become the all-in-one work cloud for organizations.”

Putting our new design to the test

Before presenting any new features or updates to our users, we always make sure everything is tested thoroughly. One of our teams that use Trengo every minute of the day is Customer Success. 

Onno Gresnig is our customer success team manager. His current main focus is training new team members to get up and running within the tool. “What I like a lot about Trengo, in general, is how easy it is to collaborate internally.  It’s so easy to discuss specific topics within one thread, instead of having to switch to Slack or walk over to colleagues.”

Onno, Customer succes

“When training new employees I can quickly see how many conversations they are handling, give tips, and offer support. When they are handling customer conversations individually, they can ask me questions right inside of the thread. Besides that, I love that you have all the information you need about the customer at your fingertips. No need for any extra open tabs in the browser.”

“What I enjoy most is that it now takes even less time than before to assign messages to users or teams.” – Onno Gresnigt

Onno has been testing the inbox for about a day and a half now. He says he needed little time to get used to the changes: “It looks even cleaner than it did before. There have been some rearrangements, but it didn’t take long before I found everything.” He also appreciates the new look and feel of Trengo: “The new design feels – how do I word this – more premium. I like the round shapes and the lack of lines.” 

Aside from good looks – which is important to us, but not the end goal – Onno also experiences some of the tasks he performs regularly can now be done faster. “What I enjoy most is that it takes even less time than before to assign messages to users or teams. This is something you will especially notice in a managing role.”

A breath of fresh air

Our new inbox is another step in the right direction for teams to have conversations without friction. A breath of fresh air that takes away even more distractions and helps you to focus on the essentials. So that you and your team can start focusing on what really matters. We hope you love it just as much as we do.

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Written by Pim de Vos

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