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November 26, 2020

Coming soon: sending Instagram DMs via API

Pim de Vos
Pim de Vos

Very soon, you and your team will be able to slide into your customer’s DMs from the comfort of your Trengo inbox. Or in layman’s terms: you will be able to reply to all Instagram DMs via an API. Awesome.

Right now, teams can only answer comments on their Instagram posts from their Trengo inbox. This already saves a lot of time that you don’t have to spend on navigating from your inbox to Instagram. Especially when your Instagram account is popular and receives a lot of messages.

However, replying to direct messages wasn’t possible yet. And with the growing importance of these messages for businesses, this had to change.

Customer service

Modern businesses need to be available on their customer’s favorite channels. This phenomenon even has a fancy term: omnichannel communication.

It’s pretty straightforward. The days in which only an email address and a phone number were enough are over. There are no more boundaries for customers. If your target group is on Instagram, you should be there too. If they want to ask you questions via DMs, you shouldn’t reply by forwarding them to an email address or your website. Simply answer their question right there. On top of that, you should even adopt the Instagram etiquette: informal and – most importantly – fast.

The rise of Instagram stories

Another important reason why direct messages are so important for brands is because of Instagram stories. These stories make it possible for people as well as brands to share information in a more real-time way. Where regular posts have become more calculated and scarce, the way most brands use stories still feels relatively organic.

When a follower wants to interact with your story, they can reply to it – which enters your inbox as a DM. In order to keep up the organic experience and build relationships with your followers, it’s crucial to reply to these messages fast.

The new and improved Instagram API for DMs

With the upcoming update, your team will save time, drive sales, and create a better customer experience.

Would you like to have early bird access to the Instagram DM API? Sign up here.

Stay tuned.

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