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Discover Trengo, the omnichannel communication platform that unifies all messaging channels into one single view. Make customer communication easy.

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Help prospects buy your products and turn them into loyal customers.


Customer satisfaction

Deliver excellent customer service, anytime, anywhere.


Faster ticket handle time

Automate repetitive tasks and boost team collaboration.

All your channels in one shared view

Keep a clear overview of all your customer's favorite channels. Email, WhatsApp Business, Instagram, Live Chat β€” you name it. Exceed customer expectations by always knowing exactly what's going on.

Work together. Reply faster.

Make working together easy β€” even remotely. Assign messages to teams or colleagues, automate repetitive tasks, and keep your team in the loop. All without switching tabs.

Automate conversations and workflows

Create workflows to automatically assign conversations to the right team, add labels, send automatic replies or create your own SLA’s. Build no-code chatbots with our powerful drag & drop builder and automate conversations via all channels.

Create your favorite workplace

Join forces with other apps and add them to the inbox







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"Trengo has been saving us lot of headaches"

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"Very satisfied with the Trengo services"

Google reviews


"Great! Feature rich and easy to use"

Petter C review at G2
“Trengo gives us the chance to help more customers”
Petter C
Operation (50 or fewer emp.)
Gizem A review at G2
“With trengo you can work very efficiently and they also provide excellent customer service”
Gizem A
Carpex Professional (50 or fewer emp.)
Marlieke E review at G2
“Best customer service software, very user friendly and support is amazing!”
Marlieke E
Business Owner (50 or fewer emp.)

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