The people behind the product

Our team


Trengo was founded in 2015 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Founders Marcel van de Weerd and Patrick Meutzner saw the popularity of messaging and thought a professional customer service tool was missing. This inspired the founding of Trengo in 2015: a customer service tool for companies that receives client messages. The idea: making internet and the world a little bit easier. That is what we have done since then. For companies in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world.

Powerful inbox for innovating teams

Trengo builds an innovative solution for companies to communicate with their clients via all communication and media channels through one shared inbox.
Trengo offers companies the possibility to get in touch with their clients through all communication channels, without extra effort. This way clients and prospects can choose how to contact a company. The Trengo application makes it easy for colleagues to answer incoming messages from all popular communication channels via one inbox.