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Lead Product Designer

Product, Utrecht (Netherlands)
Lead Product Designer

Picture this: starting work every morning fresh and focused, investigating the present and imagining the future. In the present, how do our 18,000 users interact with Trengo? In the future, how do our ideal end-to-end customer flows look like? We would like you to reach your own answer, however ambitious, empowering and fantastic it may be.

Imagine, as well, having the opportunity to lay the foundation of a design culture, by managing the design team. I hope the idea of 3x growth excites you, because this is what we did last year and also what we aim for in 2021. Smart, clean, easy - this is your vision for the user interface of Trengo.

Trengo is a fast-growing start-up that is building the next generation inbox. We make it easy for customer-facing teams to collaborate on conversations via channels such as email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, voice, and website chat in one shared inbox. With a 1.75M investment from Peak Capital, we are strengthening our position in the Netherlands and accelerating our rapid growth in Europe.

What your day looks like

Let's break down this big vision into a little taste of your work at Trengo.

  • You manage the design team. M&M (Max and Mike) and potentially yet another teammate handle the high-fidelity aspects of design, while you help the team drive the direction of Trengo towards the core values and core essence of our platform. You collaborate closely with your design team, as well as with the management team.
  • You guide Trengo to reimagine the communication platform of the future, to be used by 1 million users. You add your unique touch to the wireframes, storyboards and process flows that bring the platform to life. You define innovative visual design systems for the Trengo product, with best practices and the customer experience in mind. Remember, the solutions to complex design roadblocks don't have to be complicated, but clear and user-friendly.
  • You think ahead. You have a say in all kinds of topics, from the core product experience to user-centered processes, the health of the product team and your own definition of success for Trengo. Your point of view about where Trengo needs to be is imperative to us.
What we expect

Now that you know a bit about us, can you tell me a bit about you? I hope you can identify with some of these:

  • You've managed a team like this before, with a sense of responsibility. We are open to you telling us what you can achieve. In your portfolio, we'd like to see: research, IA, UI and some UX too.
  • You are creative. Maybe even a little bit crazy. Have fun, do what you gotta do to get a reaction from our users, to engage them, to charm them.
  • You have proven your structure and determination when it comes to leading complex projects.
  • Junior people say you're a supportive mentor.
  • The 'why' of your final designs is your understanding of the empathy map and the psychology of users.
  • For us, data and empathy go together. You need to know how to look at data to understand the behaviors of our customers and infuse love into the product. You judge your work by how they judge it.
What we offer

This is what we carefully prepared for you:

  • Finding yourself in a fast-growing company, where your career can evolve: we're aiming to be 90 in team Trengo, by the end of the year. 2020 was epic and, best believe it, 2021 is looking bright on our side. Maybe for you to become Head of Design if all goes great!
  • Free sessions with on-demand psychologists from OpenUp. Your mental health is important to us.
  • For when we're back in the office: you can bet we have delicious warm lunches together. Also, your expenses for traveling to happy Utrecht will be reimbursed.
  • Everything you need to work safely and comfortably from home during the pandemic: 4k screen, MacBook, noise-canceling headphones, desk, chair, etc.
  • When we say 'everything', we also mean a great work-life balance. If you're more productive in the morning or only have bursts of creativity in the middle of the night, go for it.

Now what? Don’t worry, I understand if you don’t know what to do right now, you like what you read but you still have questions before deciding to move forward. This is why I am here: I am Laura, a kind and inclusive recruiter. Happy to clarify any doubts, so you can make a good decision, whichever that is. If you are not ready to apply yet, ask me via the chatbot. If you are ready, talk to you soon.


Why Trengo

For the past 5 years, Trengo has been working hard to become a major international player based in the Netherlands, competing with big international funded names. Due to the need to grow, considerable (international) growth opportunities will arise in the coming period and together with you we will see which (future) position you prefer to fulfil.

Other reasons to choose for us

Together we are creating a workplace where we can be the best versions of ourselves by living our core values every single day.

          Responsibility                    Embrace change                        Freedom

                  Inspiring                                  Discover                               Transparency

But that's not all! We also believe in the fact that "a lot of different flowers make a bouquet." ~ Islamic Proverb. Read our efforts on Diversity & Inclusion here.


Meet your new colleagues

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