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Statistieken die inzicht geven

Measure team statistics

Map the statistics with Trengo

In Trengo statistics about employees, communication channels or labels is made visible. Retrieve data about the employee answering the most tickets, or which communication channel converts the most leads and gain insight about peak moments in customer service. 

Insightfull message data

Label conversations to measure data

It is possible to label incoming messages in Trengo. Labels give employees the possibility to recognize types of messages or subjects immediately. Besides, every conversation with a label will be stored in the label's folder. By labeling every conversation, administrators can easily gain insights in the organisation's statistics, which can be analysed to know the performance of a department. This way it is easily to gain insights in to which types of conversations occur most often. 

Advanced analysis with exports

Make your own complex calculations

Using the Trengo-exporting feature makes it possible to export all kinds of data about conversations into a CSV document. A great feature if the organisation is interested in measuring average numbers and other statistics. 

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