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Whether the customer sends a WhatsApp message, a live chat message on the website, an email or a call: every message will be received in the Trengo inbox. Streamline incoming messages and answer them with a team of colleagues either by yourself or with the help of your colleagues. 

One solution for all type of messages

No need to switch between programs anymore

In need of one system for all customer communication? Or simply want a way to adapt new channels like WhatsApp for customer contact? Start using Trengo! We offer an inbox to which you can connect every channel of communication for your Helpdesk. One place where the entire Helpdesk team can receive and answer messages. This way multiple colleagues can answer all the incoming messages. 

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Automate processes and save time

Using Trengo it is possible to create Rules and Auto replies which can make a difference within any Helpdesk team. Save time and FTE by creating Rules to address situations that occur often by automating the processes. With Trengo the possibilities are endless. 

Work together as a Helpdesk

Stop emailing internally, start collaborating

Aks questions or talk with colleagues in between messages without the customer knowing it. Involve a colleague in a customer question with a simple tag to find the right solution together. This way you are sure to provide the right answer to your customer. Implement Trengo in your Helpdesk and say goodbye to internal emails or communication in different platforms. 

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