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79% of the visitors prefer contact through live chat

Live chat ensures visitors a fast response

Nowadays Live chat can't be left out of the customer service department of an organisation. Especially if you value customer service. A website visitor can use the Live chat to immediately ask his/her questions without having to go through the entire website. Answering a question even faster enlarges the probability the website visitor will become a customer! 

Start live chatting with visitors

Up and running within minutes after signing up

Trengo lowers the threshold as much as possible and immediately after signing up on your organisation can immediately start using the Live chat and Website widget. After signing up, copy and paste the embed code on your website to start trying out Live chat 14 days for free! 

Live chat creates trust in customers

63% of the visitors will return as a result

A Live chat makes your website appear more trustworthy, due to the easiness a website visitor can contact your organisation directly. Why wait any longer when you can start increasing your conversion today?

More leads and less calls

Help multiple visitors at the same time

By placing a Live-chat on your website leads will start to come in immediately. Next to that, the organisation can be online 24/7 to receive customer questions. These questions can be answered later, during opening hours, via email easily. Visitors can leave their email address and this way a lead can always get a follow up. 

Proactively approach visitors

Optimize a greeting for each type of visitor

Marketeers can use Trengo's greeting feature to actively reach out to website visitors via Live chat. It nave has been this easy to target specific customers on the base of the time they spend on the website, a UTM tag, the number of returning visits, or when they visit a specific page. Besides this, data on how often a greeting leads to a click, conversation or conversion will be stored. This way the organisation can create a perfect communication tool. 

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