Create a 360 degree customer profile

Map every contact moment

Insight in the 360 degree customer profile

Every contact moment is mapped in Trengo within a customer profile. A customer profile gives employees the ability to connect every contact moment to the customer, no matter which channel is used. Colleagues can easily search in the conversation history of a customer if the customer reaches out to the organisation once more. This helps getting employees to full speed, without the need for the customer to explain his situation over and over. 

Adopt super-fast new channels

Trengo is the inbox for all communication

Is it difficult for your organisation to stay on top of all these new communication channels? Do you prefer having everything in one place, so there is no need to switch between programs? Trengo is the solution for your organisation! Start answering WhatsApp or Live chat messages or email and adapt the other channels at a later time. This helps your organisation taking steps into the future of communication. 

Stat with customer timelines

All previous communication directly in sight

With the useful profile feature every contact moment with a customer is directly visible. If a customer reaches out to the organisation, past mails, chat messages or phone calls are easily retrieved to find the information that was asked for. 

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