Self service

Less support, customers serve themselves

Start with a Knowledge Base

A powerful FAQ for customers

A Help Center is an online environment to find answers to frequently asked questions. Customers can use realtime search to find the answers to their questions in relevant articles. This way the customer can find answers themselves 24/7, without the need of a customer service agent. A Help Center saves time, because there are less questions asked to the employee, giving him/her the time to focus on other tasks. 

Add the Help Center to the widget

Let visitors search for answers in real time

The powerful Help Center can be added to the Trengo website widget as well. Provide customers access to all the information without the need to browse through the entire website! Using real-time search engine technologies, their questions will be answered in no-time! 

Let the Chatbot answer every question

Solve real-time frequently asked questions

Implement a chatbot to your organisation to let customers ask their questions via Live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WeChat and SMS 24/7. Self service has never been this enjoyable for the organisation as well as the customer. 

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