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Involve colleagues in conversations easily

Drastically lower the number of internal emails by easily involve colleagues in conversations. Communicate internally beneath conversations, the customer will never see this. Using this feature can lead to a 79% reduce in internal emails.

Assign conversations to teams or colleagues

Simply hand-over the conversation

Using Trengo it is very easy to transfer conversations to other teams or colleagues, without the customer knowing this. This way a personal level of communication with the customer is ensured, while managing conversations perfectly behind the scenes. Lift communication to the next level and transfer conversations flawlessly to provide customers with the right expert to answer the question. 

Chat internally with each other

Save tons of internal emails

By using the internal Chat in Trengo there is no need to send internal emails. Stop using CC and BCC and start chatting with Trengo without switching back to other programs. 

Make it easy for colleagues

Never switching between programs anymore

Trengo can be compared with Outlook or Gmail, but there is one big difference: every bit of communication can be linked to Trengo, no matter what channel is used. Start combining Email with Chats, WhatsApp messages and Phone calls in one inbox! Teamwork has never been easier! 

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