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Keep an overview in communication

Within Trengo every email, WhatsApp message, live-chat message or phone call gets a ticket number. This helps employees within the organisation to easily retrieve a conversation whenever a customer contacts the organisation again. Communicate the number to your customers to give them the opportunity to keep an overview as well. 

Connect tickets with each other

A great way to follow and collect information

Trengo offers your organisation the possibility to merge conversations into one that have the same contact and subject. Sometimes however, you need tot reach out to a third person for information. Think about a supplier for example. With Trengo the conversation between the customer and your organisation can be linked to the conversation between the organisation and the supplier. This way, as soon as there is a response from the supplier, it is possible to contact the right customer with the right information. 

Ticketing with a human touch

Personal conversating with Trengo

Within Trengo we believe it is important that an end user (the customer of our customer) doesn't know a ticketing system is used. In multiple ways we've made email, live chat and telephony a personal experience. On the other end teams of employees can profit from the powerful ticketing technologies, having all communication channels in one inbox. 

Add powerfull automation to tickets

Rules are the key for automation

Using Rules it is possible to automate certain actions on te base of a number of conditions, without the need of a user in Trengo. Assign all the messages from a specific customer to a specific team or user, for example. Or create an SLA in which a message automatically gets a red label and a manager will receive a notification if it remains unanswered after 10 minutes. Long story short, the possibilities are limitless with Rules in Trengo. 

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