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Implement a Live chat

Increase interaction with website visitors

Trengo's powerful live chat is easily activated in the website widget. Build a bridge between website visitors and the organisation's employees to answer questions from potential customers. 

Always an answer to a question

Show the Help Center in the widget

By showing the Help Center in Trengo's website widget the organisation gives website visitors the possibility to easily find answers to their questions 24/7, no matter the page they are visiting at that moment. No need to go through your entire website, but easily ask your question in the Help center with help of the intelligent search technology. In short: answer more questions of customers without the need of extra employees. 

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Customers easily start a conversation

Connect WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to the organisation's team-inbox to work more efficient. It is even possible to attach these channels to the Trengo website widget, showing your customers that your organisation can be reached on these platforms as well! Lower the threshold for customer contact by being available on their favourite communication channels. More messages, less phone calls thanks to Trengo's website widget. 

Voice calls in the widget

A unique feature to lift customer service to a higher level

Having a conversation with a customer over live chat, but prefer to make a short phone call? Ask the customer if they would like to start a phone call within Trengo's widget. There is no need for a mobile of fixed phone to start calling immediately; a computer or laptop with a microphone and speakers will work just as well. Within seconds the customer can call the organisations customer service without any cost. 

100% mobile phone first

The importance of a user-friendly and fast tool

Customers often use their mobile phones to browse online more than they use a desktop or laptop. Reason enough for us to make sure our website widget is 100% mobile phone friendly. 

Online in no-time

Suitable for every website and webshop

Easily add the widget's Javascript code on every website or webshop, making it visible for all your customers in no-time. This way the organisation is directly available on all the desired communication channels. 

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