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WhatsApp is more popular than ever

Trengo helps to implement this communication channel

Trengo gives businesses the opportunity to answer multiple WhatsApp messages with multiple coworkers or teams, using a business number. We guide the organisation during the entire onboarding procedure for WhatsApp via one of our official busines parnters, make sure the organisation can use WhatsApp Business. 

Test immediately after signing up

WhatsApp can be tested immediately after an account has been created

Trengo is an expert on professional use of WhatsApp since 2015. By linking the demonstration number for WhatsApp to the trial account all features Trengo has to offer for WhatsApp Business users can be tested immediately. See how messages enter the Trengo inbox, assign them to yourself or a colleague and see how easy it is to answer them. A unique way to become familiar with the powerful WhatsApp Business solution for organizations. 

Start using WhatsApp like a pro

Answering WhatsApp messages with multiple employees

Using the powerful Trengo team inbox multiple colleagues can answer WhatsApp messages at the same time. Ask colleagues to help you out with a question in between the lines of a conversation without the customer knowing it. Working as a team to give the best possible answer has never been this easy. 

Help more customers using WhatsApp

Show WhatsApp in the website widget

Every organisation using Trengo has the possibility to show their customers that they are available on WhatsApp. Simply activate WhatsApp in the website widget, this wil show the customers a button to start a conversation in WhatsApp, without having to add the organisation's number to his/her contacts first. Let customers start a conversation as soon as possible on their favourite communication channel. 

The official WhatsApp Business solution

Say goodbye to mobile phones

A lot of organisations are already using WhatsApp, but face difficulties in managing this communication channel by multiple colleagues, since it can only run on one mobile phone. Say goodbye to this mobile phone and the limitations of consumer WhatsApp and start cooperating as a team to answer WhatsApp messages with the official WhatsApp Business solution in Trengo. 

Chatbots on WhatsApp

Build your own powerful Flowbot in Trengo

Trengo's Flowbot builder gives organisations the possibility to build a chatbot especially for WhatsApp Business. Start with automation in conversations by activating a Flow on WhatsApp. Customers who reach out to the organisation via WhatsApp will find the answers to their questions while the chatbot collects more information by asking questions, making sure the right answer is given. 

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