Communicating has never been this easy

Work together in conversations

Tagging has never been this fun

By @tagging colleagues in incoming messages, the coworker gets involved in a conversation immediately. This way he knows what's going on, or can help you answering questions without the need for complete briefings or internal emails. Besides, every @tag an employee receives will be placed on his/her TO-DO list, so after finishing a task or answering a question, this can easily be checked off. 

Assign conversations to colleagues

Easily hand-over a conversation

It never has been more easy to transfer a conversation to a colleague. Useful if someone doesn't know the answer to a customer question immediately, because this way a conversation can be assigned to a colleague who has the right knowledge. And whenever an employee is on a holiday break, he can easily transfer conversations to his team to make sure a customer doesn't have to wait on an answer for too long. 

Transfer calls

Always find an available colleague

If your organisation chooses to answer phone calls with Trengo, a call is easily transferred to an available colleague. No complicated transfer phone numbers, just look search the name of the right colleague and transfer the conversation with a click of your mouse. 

Overview in the team inbox

Manage messages from the team to work perfectly together

Making use of the ticketing structure in Trengo an overview is always remained. Unanswered messages enter the inbox in New and messages that will be answered by a colleague are transferred to Assigned. As soon as an employee assigns a messages to himself, the message will be transferred to Assigned. This way everybody knows who is answering which messages and the number of new messages will be kept as low as possible. 

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