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More sales thanks to our live chat

Purchasing behavior can be influenced by being easily accessible

A nice used car offered on your website? Want to send out a reminder for a made MOT-appointment? Both messages can be easily communicated to customers. Send out push-notifications from the live chat, or send the customer an SMS message to stay in touch. Both can be done using the same inbox. 

Toyota, Porsche, Tango Carglass and many more automotive organisations are already using Trengo. They send out SMS, WhatsApp or chat messages to their customers effortlessly. 

Contact via WhatsApp

Personal contact made easy and fast

Send out reminders for MOT-check ups every now and then? Using our WhatsApp Business solution it is possible to automatically send out messages to customers. By choosing WhatsApp the response rate increases incredibly, since WhatsApp is a communication channel people already are familiar with. 

Musthave for Automotive

Powerful features you definitely need

inbox  Everything at one place

Communicate with customers on every possible channel: Whatsapp, email, Live chat, phone calls and Social Media. 

link  A clear API

Link Trengo to other programs thanks to the powerful and clear API and collect every bit of information at one place. 

group_work  Teamwork

Link communication channels to teams to ensure a customer always gets in touch with the right person in the organisation. 

phonelink  Work from everywhere

Answering messages in Trengo can be done using a webbrowser or the app on mobile phones, tables or pc's, so you can work wherever you want. 

check  A super intelligent Flowbot
Available 24/7 to answer customer questions thanks to flowbots. This bot collects information and answers every question. 
chat  Lead collecting

Make use of smart pop-up messages in the live chat based upon a web page or a Google advertisement. 

Never search for customer information again

Present on channels that matter, using just one program

The customer wants to be able to get in touch with the organisation fast and easy. Giving notice about damage on a car, or creating an appointment for the annual maintenance should be done in just a couple of minutes, and if possible on the channel of their preference. Using Trengo your organisation can be available on the customer's favourite channels without losing the overview. Create clear customer profiles and easily go through the contact history. Next, link Trengo to a CRM-program, getting even more customer insights. There is no need to switch between programs anymore. 

Collaborate as a well-oiled machine

Say goodbye to internal email

Thanks to smart features like tagging communication between colleagues is a piece of cake, making sure the customer always receives the correct answer. Using the internal chat it is even possible to further discuss subjects. 

By actively assigning messages to yourself or to colleagues no message gets left behind and every customer receives an answer. 


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