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E-commerce organisations need to be online 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, but is every webshop always available for every customer? Trengo gives webshops the opportunity to answer to live-chats in the webshop, Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages, emails and phone calls. Even when there is no employee available, a smart chatbot can easily advise customers 24/7. 

Sell more products

Help the customer before leaving the site

Proactively reach out to customers to inform them about promotions and interesting offers? Use pop-up messages in the live-chat to send a message to a customer when he is looking at a product placed in his shopping cart: "Can I help you with your decision?". The customer can easily start a chat conversation to ask: "Is this product available in black as well?", giving an employee the opportunity to help the customer finding the right product, increasing the chance of having a deal. 

Musthave for E-commerce

Powerful features you definitely need

comment  Customizable Greetings

Smart pop-ups, based on visitor behavior, give the customer a personal invitation to start a chat conversation.

check  Super Intelligent Flowbots

24/7 available for questions thanks to Flowbots. The Flowbot collects additional information and answers every question.

line_style  Powerful Knowledgebase

Spend less time answering chats, emails and phone calls by providing the customer all the information in a powerful Knowledge Base.

link  Integrate with your webshop

Easily see the latest information an orders from the customer in your inbox. Never switch tabs again.

device_hub  Accessible on all channels

All communication from the customer in one inbox: the customer chooses which channel they use to contact your organisation.

group_work  Collaborate together

Assign messages to yourself or to colleagues. No messages will be missed anymore with our ticketing system!

Overview in orders and customer service

Live chat, WhatsApp, E-mail and Voice

A customer asks a question about one of your products in the live-chat and based on the advise given by the employee he can place his order. After a couple of days the customers sends an email with questions about the delivery of this product. Thanks to Trengo both messages and every other message will be collected in one clear inbox: all the information at one place. 

Integrate your order system

Order information from Magento, Lightspeed, WooCommerce or Shopify

Powerful webshop integrations make it possible to have every bit of information at hand when the customer reaches out to the organisation with questions. Order information, delivery status or all the customer details are shown within one clear overview. The connection works with Magento 1&2, Lightspeed, WooCommerce and Shopify. 


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