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Always stay in touch with your visitors. Monitor all communication on social media in a shared team inbox and stay in direct contact via channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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Lower the threshold for customer contact

Answer customer questions via WhatsApp, website chat, Facebook Messenger, SMS or any other channel of communication, connection people to all your events. Or, take the initiative and send out reminders about concerts a customer is interested in, or launch and communicate a promotional action for free tickets. The sky is the limit when using Trengo! Even mass communication can get a personal touch in Trengo. 

WhatsApp is the new email

Why wait to implement WhatsApp if this can be done today? Getting started is easy, while managing WhatsApp Messages is difficult without an official WhatsApp solution, that's why hundreds of organisation have chosen Trengo. Since 2015 we are the experts when it comes to using WhatsApp for businesses. With our clear inbox managing all the incoming messages with a team of employees becomes easy as cake. Be available on WhatsApp as well, the customer would love your availability here. 

Direct contact

Real-time, live contact with customers during events using WhatsApp or Social messaging.

Social monitoring

Answer to comments, posts and mentions on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from your inbox. 

Self service

Provide customers answers to questions 24/7 thanks to a clear Help Center. 

Website Widget

Questions about tickets or a specific event can be asked via any channel in the smart website widget. 

Switch quickly

Say goodbye to slow internal emails and @tag colleagues within the conversation to ask them to help you out. 

Customer profiles

Immediately know who you're talking to thanks to clear customer profiles showing the entire communication history. 

Everything managed, everywhere in the world

Before the start of an event managing all the incoming and outgoing messages is easy, But what happens to them when all the employees are outdoors, making sure the event is a success? Thanks to Trengo incoming messages can be managed even in the field, thanks to the great app that can be installed on any device: laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Improving the customer's experience offline and online!

Great teamwork

Thanks to the Trengo inbox issues in teamwork are a thing of the past! Assign messages to yourself, a colleague or an entire team to make sure every message will be answered. With smart features like tagging there is no need to send long internal emails which will never be answered. Speed up and enhance customer service thanks to Trengo.

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