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Be available online to answer customer questions, schedule an appointment to go over mortgages via website chat and send an email as confirmation. Using Trengo all this can be done from one and the same inbox. No matter the channel the customer has chosen: social messaging, Whatsapp, email, website chat or even phone calls. 

Let customers serve themselves

24/7 answer to questions via the Help Center

Information about mortgages, accounting or credits can be quite complicated for customers. Thanks to Trengo it is possible to respond to customer questions and give them insights at any place. Create a Help Center to provide the customer with answers to frequently asked questions. By creating a structure of Blocks, categories and sections the right information is easily found. 

All information directly at hand

Say goodbye to switching between programs

Always have all the customer information at hand, since every channel of communication is linked to one inbox. Clear customer profiles show the entire history of communication between the organisation and the customer. Connect Trengo with the organisation's CRM to gain even more customer insights in your inbox. No need to switch between programs anymore. 

Perfect collaboration with your team

Manage messages together

Teamwork is easy as cake thanks to the Trengo inbox. By assigning messages to yourself, colleagues or an entire team there is never a question who will answer which message, making sure nobody gets left behind. Besides it is easy to leave internal notes in between the messages or even tag colleagues to ask questions without the customer knowing this. This makes sure the customer always receives the right answer. 

More leads thanks to the Flowbot

Automated interactive conversations

A Flowbot gives the organisation the opportunity to be available for customer contact 24/7. Collecting leads and provide customers with support by asking questions and providing the customer with the right information on every channel of communication: WhatsApp, Website chat or Social messaging. A Flowbot will gather information by asking questions, making sure an employee has the right information at hand when he takes over the conversation. 


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