Housing market

Communication with tenants or buyers can pile up before you know it. Stay organized and keep track of all important documents in one clear overview.

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Answer tenants and buyers from the same inbox

Easily answer questions from a tenant or buyer with Trengo, thanks to the centralized inbox. Have all the customer information at hand and easily answer messages with the entire sales team! The customer can even choose his favourite channel to reach out to the organisation: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email or a quick phone call for example. 

Collect more potential buyers

Add the Trengo live chat to the website to gather more potential buyers for the available homes. Showing the widget on pages with offers for homes lowers the threshold for website visitors to contact the organisation with questions. A visit can be scheduled directly, increasing the chance the house gets sold. Long story short, live chat will increase the number of potential buyers. 

Receive 24/7 leads with automation

Build a Flowbot with our Flowbot builder to automatically process incoming leads via website chat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The Flowbot is available to answer customer questions 24/7. By using multiple-choice options and actively ask for contact information, an interested tenant or buyer can always count on a good follow-up.

Smart greetings

Create greetings based on an URL or Google advertisement to show a personalized pop-up message to the website visitor.


Schedule appointments using website chat, email, Whatsapp or Social media: everything can be managed from one inbox. 

Internal communication

Say goodbye to internal emails thanks to intelligent features like @tagging and internal notes. 

Reach customers via WhatsApp

Let tenants or potential buyers respond to houses using Whatsapp, or simply be available on this channel to answer questions.

Social Monitoring

Receive comments from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram into the Trengo inbox and answer them even faster. 

Customer profiles

Connect every customer contact moment to a clear customer profile to share customer insights with the entire team. 

Easily involve colleagues in incoming questions

Teamwork becomes a piece of cake with the use of Trengo. Easily answer incoming emails, messages or phone calls with a team of employees. Assign messages to yourself or to a colleague to maintain the overview. Not sure what to answer a customer? Tag your coworker to get him involved in the case without the customer knowing it. No need for internal emails, but easily cooperate as a team and answer customer questions fast.

Work via mobile, tablet or PC

The Trengo inbox can be accessed from any device: mobile phone, tablet or pc. Answer with new pictures to tenants or buyers interested in a house, or send out a flyer by email at night, with the use of smart Quick replies. Thanks to Trengo it is possible to work from anywhere, at any time. 

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