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Stay with the times. Send smart reminders for upcoming deadlines and answer questions via your receivers' favorite channels.

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Online on WhatsApp

Students and residents prefer to communicate on WhatsApp, an app they are already using to communicate with friends and family members. Give them the opportunity to ask questions about an educational program or license application using WhatsApp. Start adopting this preferred channel of communication and be available for questions, notifications or provide help. Trengo gives every organisation and institution the opportunity to adapt WhatsApp into their channels with a powerful team inbox. 

Automate the Help Desk

Using our powerful Flowbot every organisation can easily adopt and activate a Chatbot on every communication channel they want. Smart Flowbots can retrieve information from students and residents to make sure they retrieve the right information. Aks questions and provide students or residents with options for their answers, helping them better and faster on every channel: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or live chat. 

Stop switching between programs

One student sends a Whatsapp message with a question about an education program. Next he sends an email for registration. Or a resident who complains via Facebook Messenger and later on calls the municipality to ask about the complaint. With Trengo every contact moment is received in one inbox, no matter the channel used. No need to switch between programs or endlessly search for the right information: everything is at hand. 

Smart reminders

Never miss a deadline thanks to smart reminders that can be set to messages. 

Multi-channel availability

Give residents and students the opportunity to pick their favourite communication channel. 

No more internal emails

Adapt features like @tags and internal notes in Trengo and say goodbye to internal emails. 

Available 24/7

Use intelligent Flowbots and retrieve information and answer questions of people 24/7. 


Assign messages to yourself, to a colleague or to an entire team. With Trengo no message gets left behind. 

Powerful Knowlegebase

Don't waste time on answering website chats, emails or phone calls by providing people all the information in a Help Center. 

Available 24/7 thanks to automation

Use a Chatbot or Flowbot to answer frequently asked questions 24/7 without the need of an employee, or add a Help Center to your website. A smart knowledge base divided in blocks, categories and sections for people to easily find the answers to their questions themselves. Teaching a Flowbot to ask the right questions can make him the perfect guide to the right study program for students or can help residents filing out a form for their permit even outside opening hours. 

Information directly on screen

Using Trengo's powerful API it is possible to connect Trengo to every other program, showing data from these software solutions in your inbox. This can be done in real-time, as soon as a person contacts the school or municipality, no need to switch between programs ever again! 

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