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Thanks to Trengo the customer is free to pick their favourite channel to contact the organisation: website chat, Whatsapp, email, Social Messaging or even a phone call. Imagine a customer about to make a reservation on the website, but who still has questions. In the chat he can directly ask his question: "If I make a reservation for this room, can you add an extra bed for my kid". An employee working in Trengo can directly answer this question, without the need to switch to another program, helping the customer completing their reservation. 

25% more reservations thanks to live chat

Live chat is an excellent choice for the hospitality & travel industry

Running a website without a live chat should be nearly impossible nowadays. Even though only 50% of the hospitality branch and travel branch has adopted this communication channel on their websites. Too bad, because live chat can cause a 25% increase in bookings on the website. A live chat gains trust of potential customers and lowers the threshold for contact between them and the organisation, enhancing the chance of a booking. 

Guests want to communicate via WhatsApp

Trengo has the complete solution for a team inbox

Worldwide WhatsApp is one of the most used communication channels, for personal contact as well as for contact between customers and the organisations. Especially in the travel or hospitality branch WhatsApp can be a great solution. Let customers send a WhatsApp messages to ask questions about your menu or a great destination or use it proactively with templates and send booking confirmation or flight details. 

One inbox for all popular channels

Stop switching between programs, just use Trengo

Lower the threshold for customer contact and let the customer decide how he/she likes to reach out to the organisation. Answer questions about destinations via WhatsApp, or respond to a reservation email all in the same inbox. Every incoming message, no matter where if they come from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, live chat, Telegram, email, telephony or any of the other channels, will be received in the same inbox. 

Perfectly accessible on the way

Access the Trengo inbox everywhere

Install the Trengo-app on every device: mobile phone, tablet or pc and work from wherever you want. Checking a reservation while you are setting the tables in the restaurant? Use the Trengo app to have all the information directly at hand. This helps answering customer questions quickly and improving your customer service level. By adding a Help Center customers can find all the answers to their questions 24/7, no need for employees to answer them. 

Create and use a Flowbot

More leads with our automation tools

Thanks to Flowbots customer can receive an answer to their questions 24/7, no matter the chosen channel: Whatsapp, live chat or Facebook Messenger. Intelligent Flowbots ask questions to retrieve information, directing the customer to the right team or providing them with the right information. This improves the customer service by providing faster and better answers to customer questions and gathering possible leads at any time of the day. 


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