WhatsApp Business

Template costs via our partner

What is a WhatsApp template?
For WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp has made it possible to send a message to a contact via WhatsApp Business. This requires explicit permission from the receiving contact to send a WhatsApp template message to.

One of the most important things is the 24-hour rule for WhatsApp Business. This means that as soon as a customer sends a WhatsApp message to the company, the company is given 24 hours to pick up and respond to this message (free). After the 24 hours have elapsed, a template message can be send to the customer which can respond to and the new 24-hour period begins to respond again without a template message.

Costs per submitted WhatsApp template
The first 5 submitted templates are free! Each additional submitted template cost €100,- per template.

Costs per sended template message
WhatsApp uses different rates per template message per country. We will bill the template messages automaticly from your balance.

Argentina €0.0436
Brazil €0.0497
Chile €0.0615
Colombia €0.0105
Egypt €0.0721
France €0.0806
Germany €0.0901
India €0.0044
Indonesia €0.0252
Isreal €0.0244
Italy €0.0441
Malaysia €0.0427
Mexico €0.0279
Netherlands €0.0840
Nigeria €0.0335
Pakistan €0.0266
Peru €0.0466
Russia €0.0501
Saudi Arabia €0.0273
South Africa €0.0210
Spain €0.0399
Turkey €0.0105
United Arab Emirates €0.0247
United Kingdom €0.0418
North America €0.0089
Rest of Africa €0.0605
Rest of Asia Pacific €0.0530
Rest of Central & Eastern Europe €0.0650
Rest of Latin America €0.0541
Rest of Middle East €0.0540
Rest of Western Europe €0.0788
Other €0.0399