customer satisfaction survey tools

Truly understand your customers

The customer satisfaction score is not just another metric. If you want to get to know your customers, up service & support, and drive revenue you need to ask the right questions. Find out how your customers really feel using CSAT.

Customer loyalty is

only a couple of questions away
Ask, and customers will tell

You need to know what customers want and expect, so you can provide exactly that. Collect feedback with csat survey tools during any stage of the customer journey and pave the way to amazing experiences.

From critic to ambassador

Collect real-time feedback. Create and send out customer satisfaction survey to your customers. Act immediately on given feedback and turn every customer into an ambassador.

Great (and not-so-great) performance

Prove the impact of your team's efforts. Show how teams across the business are driving revenue, creating repeat business, and promoting happy customers.

These companies invested in customer loyalty and iincreased revenue by 15% using CSA
  • Oppo
  • Travelbags
  • Bever
  • Van Mossel
  • MediaMarkt
  • Walibi

Meet expectations

Customer expectations are high, so your investment in customer satisfaction needs to be even higher. Real-time feedback and surveys at the right time, during all stages of the customer journey via every channel, will help. It will make customers feel heard. 

Even if things go wrong, you have the insights to pinpoint, learn, grow from, and come back with an answer. Great customer experiences and reviews will come from using csat survey tools and gathering insights. 

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3 customer service metrics to nail in 2022

Statista surveyed 1,100 people and found several industries that lose 25% of their customers due to poor customer service. When you think about how hard your teams work and how much you spend to acquire your customers, a 25% churn rate is scary.

So which customer satisfaction metrics do you need to track?

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Your customer satisfaction score

customer satisfaction survey
Brings insights

What is going well? What isn’t? If you and your team don’t know, then it will be difficult to grow. Gather insights about your customers and pinpoint strong and weak spots in the customer journey. To drive growth and revenue.

customer satisfaction
Is centralized

All the feedback you gather, whether via email or WhatsApp, will be in your inbox. Connected to all your channels, and right next to your customer data. In one overview your teams have all the info they need to act.

Empowers teams

Have a look at how your sales, marketing and customer support teams are driving revenue, creating repeat business and promoting happy customers. Tackle challenges with your team and show stakeholders what’s going really well.

CSAT helps all your teams

For support & service teams

CSAT survey tools show what can be done better and what’s going really well. Your service and support teams need these insights to guide them toward providing great customer experiences.

With CSAT you can

  • Understand customers by asking the right questions

  • Build on the insights that you gather

  • Nurture loyal customers because they will feel heard

  • Pinpoint what’s going well and where you need to support your team more

  • Grow and drive revenue because customers will continue to come back

A CSAT solution that fits your needs

Growth, Scale or Enterprise? Choose the plan that fits the needs of your business.

Choose the plan that fits the needs of your business.

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