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This next-generation inbox will unlock fantastic customer experiences. With the right support at the right time on the right channel, customers will remember your business. For all the right things.

All conversations

One inbox
One source of truth

All the emails and social media messages your customers send, the calls they make, and other ways they want to interact with your company will come together in one smart inbox.

Goodbye to repetitive tasks

Customer support and service teams need time and attention to focus on providing personalized service. To free this time frequently asked questions about products or services need to be automated.

Efficiency through the roof

Your teams will respond to conversations while they check up-to-date customer data. Everyone can collaborate and work from one source of truth.

Because of their smart inbox, these businesses have increased customer satisfaction by 20%
  • Oppo
  • Travelbags
  • Bever
  • Van Mossel
  • MediaMarkt
  • Walibi

Everything in the same place

You want to create the right touchpoints with customers, at the right time. This requires smart inbox software. A team inbox that consolidates all your channels like WhatsApp, email, and SMS, and all your customer conversations into a single place. So your teams can work efficiently and provide excellent support & service.

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Thrive during the busiest times of the year

"Last year, without our smart inbox, we had to have our Facebook opened next to our customer contact platform to see if we had missed any comments or direct messages."

Now Ferryscanner uses inbox software to manage conversations via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, live chat, and Google's Business Messages.

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In your inbox


Everyone enjoys a shortcut, it’s in our nature. Smart automation shortcuts can save your team a lot of time and effort. Via auto-replies, quick-replies, rules, chatbots and flowbots your team can keep up the conversation without extra work.


Service notifications, sales updates, or newsletters should be sent to an entire customer base, via the best channel. Broadcasting is the go-to feature for bulk communication that will look like personalized messages.

E-commerce integrations

When helping customers your team needs to know what’s happening. Without having to click back and forth between platforms. With Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento or Lightspeed integrations your e-commerce CRMs, inbox and channels are in the same place.

A team inbox for the whole company

For support & service teams

Your customer-facing teams can only deliver great service if they are supported by great tools. Decrease workload by automating repetitive tasks with rules. And make sure repetitive questions are answered with auto- and quick replies. For a great first touch use the chat or flowbot, saves your team time!

Your smart customer engagement platform will allow you to

  • Reach and converse with customers via their favourite channels

  • Combine all customer data and your channels in one place

  • Up efficiency and decrease response time for your support & service teams

  • Hand Marketing and Sales all the customer data they need to personalize their funnel 

  • Up customer experiences and grow your customer base, revenue and your business 

A smart customer engagement platform

A smart customer engagement platform connects everything. Whether your customers want to interact with you via email, WhatsApp of phone, everything will come together in one inbox. 

Your teams can have conversations with customers via every channel, at any time, while checking full customer profiles. And work efficiently using automation. 

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