The Trengo Suite

One shared inbox for all customer conversations

dashboardAlle conversaties op een plek, nooit meer schakelen tussen programma's
emailEen krachtige e-mail oplossing; communiceer intern met collega's
commentVerbind website-bezoekers met onze Live Chat en vergroot leads
phoneOp iedere plek een volwaardig telefonie platform via headsets
messageBereikbaar op nieuwe moderne kanalen waar ook de doelgroep is
help_outlineBeantwoord automatisch meer vragen met een slimme kennisbank

All customer communication at one place

Experience the ease of Trengo

Never miss a message or a call from your customers, because with Trengo you will receive every message in your inbox no matter what channel the customer uses. A team of employees will be ready to answer all these messages and turn leads in to customers using WhatsApp, Facebook, Chat or Email. By assigning messages to yourself or to a colleague nothing remains unanswered. 

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Let the customer choose his favorite channel

No need to switch between applications

Nowadays people have a lot of ways to communicate with each other; they can call, sms, email or use one of the many social messaging channels. Trengo gives your organisation the ability to be present on all these communication channels. This way the customer can choose his or her favorite way to reach out to the organisation and for the employees it still remains easy to manage all these channels, as all the manages will be processed from one inbox.

All popular channels at one place

Stop switching between programs. Trengo gives you all communication at one place. Teams and organisations can improve teamwork with the use of internal notes and tags, saving the organisation a lot of internal e-mails, time and money.


To save work, time and money as a modern organisation

inbox  Makes ticketing personal

Maintain an overview of which messages have already been answered in the powerful team inbox.

alternate_email  Tag colleagues

Reduce the number of internal emails by involving colleagues in a conversation with a simple tag. 

show_chart  Statistics

Generate comprehensive statistics for each channel, team or colleague to analyse.

list_alt  Notes and comments

Post notes and comments for colleagues during a conversation or to the customer profile.

group  Multi-user & teams

Add colleagues to the inbox and answer all messages together with your team.

mobile_screen_share  iOS/Android app

Install the Trengo iOS/Android app on a mobile phone or a tablet and start receiving push notifications.

clear_all  Internal chat

With the internal chat you communicate directly with colleagues and teams of employees.

forward  Assign conversations

Easily assign a conversation to a colleague or team.

Up and running in a few minutes

Immediately live after registration

Right after signing up the inbox can be set up to you'r organisation's preferences, there is no need to install any kind of software. Every channel of communication can be easily connected to Trengo in a few steps. This way your organisation can start using the powerful and well-arranged inbox! 

Automate and collect leads 24/7

Add Chatbots on live chat & messaging channels

 Start answering questions of customers at any time of the day on any channel by adding a chatbot to your inbox. The intelligent chatbot can be set all by yourself or any colleague in the organisation. This way it is ensured that he learns all the answers to frequently asked questions from your organisation. By enabling features such as small talk the customer can enjoy a personal experience while talking to the chatbot! 

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Attach every popular channel to our team-inbox

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