Make calls wherever you are

phonelinkEasily answer calls from anywhere in the world via PC and mobile
perm_phone_msgView the entire history before you start the conversation
settings_phoneEasily transfer a call to a team, colleague or external phonenumber

Everywhere accessible

You only need internet access to call

We're proud to announce the modern way of calling! Available to receive or make phone calls via any pc or mobile device anywhere in the world. Using complicated telephone exchanges and expensive telephones is a thing of the past. Start calling from your Trengo inbox and all you need is your pc and a headset. Enjoy the benefits of having all customer contact collected in one place. 

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Available for mobile phones

Suitable for iOS and Android devices

Working from home or on the road and still want to be available for customer contact using your mobile phone! On every smartphone it is possible to call and receive calls from the organisation's fixed number. Experience the limitless possibilities of Trengo to give your organisation and it's employees the ability to be available at any time and place they want. 

Online within 1 minute

Start calling directly after the registration

Requesting a phone number can be done in no-time, with the opportunity to choose both international and local phone numbers. As soon as a number has been chosen, it can be used to call and receive calls immediately and the desired settings can be setup all by yourself. 

Voice features

Answer calls from anywhere in the world

brightness_1  Record conversations

Record your conversations and listen to them later.

cloud_upload  Voice and welcome messages

Upload or record a voice message that suits the organization.

euro_symbol  Cost insight

Check conversation costs realtime.

language  Global phone numbers

We provide worldwide phone numbers for your company.

phone_in_talk  Caller ID

Use a different Caller ID for outgoing calls.

av_timer  Waiting time

Determine waiting time before transferring to voicemail.

person_add  Queue

Determine how many customers are allowed in the queue.

phone_forwarded  Internal transfer

Transfer internal calls to a colleague.

dialpad  IVR

Easily build your own voice menu.

Everything in your own control

From queues, IVR menus to overflow calls

From call queues to overflows; everything is possible in Trengo! Such features are easily setup, exactly to the needs of the organisation. Start implementing the powerful calling solution in your organisation today. 

Overview in Voice

View the availability of teams & colleagues

Cooperate efficiently with the use of internal comments and tags, put calls trough to coworkers internally and externally easily and keep track of the colleagues that are available for phone calls with the blink of an eye. Using Trengo all customer contact is collected into one team inbox. This way there is no chance the organisation ever misses a call, while remaining an overview. 

Listen conversations back

Record and replay calls anytime

Within Trengo it is possible to record calls to use them for training purposes. This way any conversation can be replayed at a later time, giving you no need to ever ask for a name a second time during a phone call. Invite coworkers into the conversation and ask them for help by a tag and communicate internally. 

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