The WhatsApp Business solution via Business Partners

rss_feedAccessible contact through the most popular messaging channel
vpn_keyWhatsApp provide end-to-end encryption for secure messaging
brightness_4Combine WhatsApp with our chat and Flowbot

Manage WhatsApps with colleagues

The solution for teams and organisations

Trengo has integrated various WhatsApp Business Partners to enable communication via WhatsApp Business from your inbox. Answer WhatsApp-messages with a team of colleagues to manage bigger message volumes in the best possible way. The ticket structure ensures an overview in the inbox, everybody in the organisation knows immediately which message still needs to be answered and which messages already have been processed. 

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A popular channel worldwide

1.5 billion people use WhatsApp

Worldwide WhatsApp is an often used application for communication and due to a connection with the official WhatsApp Business solution via various various WhatsApp Business Partners. This gives your organisation the ability to be available on your customer's favourite channel! This makes customer communication even more easy, with Trengo being a Reseller. 

Say goodbye to mobile phones

Answer all messages in Trengo

By linking the WhatsApp Business solution form the various WhatsApp Business Partners to Trengo, WhatsApp messages will be received in your team-inbox. This way there is no need for a mobile phone to answer to these messages and can all employees simply answer customer questions using this popular channel. Combine WhatsApp with every other channel of communication in your inbox. 

Add Flowbots to WhatsApp

Create a Chatbot for WhatsApp in Trengo

Since the launch of WhatsApp Business it is possible to create chatbots that run on WhatsApp. Using Trengo's Flowbot builder a chatbot is easily created and activated on any channel. Add WhatsApp Business via one of the WhatsApp Business Partners to Trengo and connect the Flowbot to this channel to be available for customer questions 24/7. Gather leads or replace an old fashioned application form for example. The possibilities are endless! 

WhatsApp Business

Provides a positive customer experience

language  1.5 billion users

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging channels worldwide.

touch_app  Easy accessible

The customer speaks as easy to the company just like to friends or family members.

adb  Chatbot

Let the chatbot help customers via WhatsApp.

loop  Send and receive messages

Receive and answer WhatsApp messages.

message  Push-notificaties

Send templates for appointment reminders and increase conversions.

  Internal communication

Suitable for keeping staff informed of important news or meetings.

Send the customer updates and notifications

Initiate the conversation with a customer using a template message

With the use of template messages approved by WhatsApp the organisation can actively reach out to customers. Use these templates to send out appointment reminders, delivery information or a payment reminder. This way the no-show percentage can be reduced with 60%!

Reduce the number of phone calls

WhatsApp messages are more popular than ever

Reduce the number of phone calls by implementing WhatsApp Business in to your customer service. This way customer can ask their questions using their favourite channel. Employees can help multiple customers at the same time, increasing the number of conversions and satisfied customers. 

Add WhatsApp to the website

Start the conversation directly via the widget on the website

Using the website-widget, a user friendly WhatsApp-button can be placed on the website. This way the website visitor can immediately start communicating via WhatsApp. When using a mobile phone to visit your website, the button directly opens the WhatsApp application on their phone. Using a pc or laptop, WebWhatsApp will be opened. Our Website Widget is 100% free and can be placed on any website. 

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