Overview in production of goods and services

Overview in the production timeline

All communication channels insightful at one place

Don't lose sight of a single step or procedure in the chain of command anymore, in Trengo everything is stored in a clear overview. Organisations have the possibilities to group steps of the chain, use labels and link conversations to one another to monitor the actions that can be taken. 

A well organized team inbox

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success

Combining a ticketing-structure with an inbox feeling Trengo offers the organisation the best of both worlds. One the one hand it is possible to enhance a personal bonding with customers, giving them the opportunity to reach out to the organisation using their favourite channel. On the other hand employees enjoy the benefits of ticketing; assign tickets to yourself or colleagues. It is immediately clear which colleague answers what message, making sure nothing gets left behind. Besides, internal communication is a piece of cake thanks to internal notes and @tagging. Say goodbye to internal emails. 

Overview in the inbox

The power of ticketing with a personal approach

format_list_bulleted  Work in processes

Assign, answer and close calls and keep an overview.

group_work  One inbox

One inbox for the entire organization thanks to the teams and employee features.

arrow_forward  Divide tasks

Assign conversations to employees or teams.

fast_forward  Work faster

Automate conversations thanks to practical Rules.

link  One overview

Connect Trengo to your Webshop or CRM software.

comment  Choose your channels

Decide for yourself what type of messages arrive in the team inbox.

Streamline communication efficiently

Never miss a message

Internal mentions are turned into TO-DO's that can be checked of once they have been done. This helps creating a clear internal structure and helps remaining the overview. With the possibility to mention yourself, it is possible to create a personal TO-DO list creating even more of an overview. This way it becomes immediately clear what steps need to be taken before answering a customer. Besides tags, reminders, favourits and a great follow-feature help keeping track of messages without them spoiling the inbox. 

Decide who can see what

Entire organizations work with Trengo

Bring the entire organisation together in one shared inbox by creating different teams of employees. Every team can get access to the channels of communication that are important for them to do their job. This way it is sure that a phone call on the Sales line never enters the Production's inbox or vice versa. A great add on: message can be assigned to different teams, giving them access to these messages. This way a customer always gets the right answer. 

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