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The Trengo mobile applications are available for every Android or iOs device. This gives you the opportunity to be available for customer contact at all times and at any place in the world, no need to be at the office. Every message, no matter the used communication channel, will be received in the inbox on the desktop as well as on a mobile device. Easily connect Trengo with Webshop or CRM software to have all the relevant customer details at hand. 

Access the team inbox from anywhere using a laptop

Where there is internet, Trengo

Prefer to work from a solid inbox? Bring a laptop, create a hotspot connection and answer all the incoming messages from where you want. The Trengo inbox is super fast, no matter the chosen channel of communication. Everybody can easily answer messages in Trengo from wherever they want to. 

On the road with peace of mind

Everyone can be reached everywhere with Trengo

smartphone  Mobile app

Can be installed on any iOs or Android device.

alternate_email  Teamwork

Chat quickly with colleagues thanks to @tagging and an internal chat.

call_made  Mobile phone calls

With a local or regional number of the organization.

laptop  Work everywhere

Work from any browser only needing an internet connection.

account_circle  One app for all communication

Every part of customer information and communication in one application.

offline_pin  Switch easily from online to offline

Set accessibility with just one click on a button.

Feel free to leave the desk

Customers finds their answers themselves

Create a Help Center and let customers find their own answers. A powerful knowledge base in which the organisation can share articles, pictures and video's for the customer to read or watch. With the great search feature in the Help Center an answer to a question is found in no time! Go and work in the field without the stress of having to be available for customers and do the job you are hired for. Good to know: you can even share the Help Center in the website widget, so customers can have it at hand at any page on the website. 

Let the Chatbot do the work

Resolve frequently asked questions

A chatbot gives organisations the opportunity to answer frequently asked questions in a conversation without the need of an employee. Customers can ask their questions 24/7, these will immediately answered by a the chatbot. And if the chatbot doesn't know the answer he automatically transfers the conversation to a team of employees and informs the customer whether there is an employee available to answer him immediately. If not, the customer is asked to leave their email address for you to answer the question the next day via email. 

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