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More job applications via Facebook, E-mail or WhatsApp

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Modern communication channels easily to adopted with Trengo

Thanks to the many contact options Trengo has to offer the organisation, every HR or Recruitment office can be available on modern channels of communication, just like their target audience. This makes it possible to receive applications via live chat, WhastApp, or Facebook Messenger for example: all the incoming messages will be received in one inbox.

Modern companies attract more candidates

Be present on the popular and newest channels

Applicants and employees become more and more demanding when it comes to job opportunities. Personal bonding with an organisation can be key to attract new employees. Choose to implement WhatsApp, live chat and Facebook Messenger as communication channels to enhance personal contact and be available for questions about job opportunities or even for applications. Trengo helps HR and Recruitment offices to be available on all these modern communication channels.

Easily approach large groups of people

Reach the target group via SMS or live chat

A new job opportunity or a short time job available? Send out an SMS in bulk to every candidate or employee that might be interested. This helps the organisation to fill the spot quickly. Are you using Intranet? Use the website widget and live chat to place an announcement.

Always available for potential candidates

Available on favorite channels

blur_on  Present on every channel

Communicate with employees via WhatsApp, chat, e-mail or phone.

account_circle  Overview

An overview of every contact moment between the employee and the customer in a timeline thanks to profiles.

arrow_forward  React fast

Respond quickly to an applicant or a question thanks to pre-set quick replies.

textsms  Bulk SMS

Approach all employees at the same time with one single SMS. 

screen_share  Invite for a conversation

Use the powerfull greetings in the chat to seduce visitors to start conversating.

alternate_email  Teamwork

Mention colleagues or add internal notes to quickly exchange information with colleagues.

Follow up candidates super fast

Never switch between programs anymore

Easily assign conversations to yourself or to a colleague to make sure an applicant receives an answer as fast as possible, no matter the chosen communication channel. Coworkers never have to switch between an email program, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any other program anymore, everything will be received in the same, clear, team inbox. This helps to reduce the followup time for applicants.

Get rid of application form

Say hello to Flowbots to collect information from the candidate on a great way

Say goodbye to old-fashioned application forms with the introduction of Trengo's Flowbot builder. Gather information in a way that is fun for the employee as well as the applicant: by starting a conversation with a chatbot. Our intelligent flowbot will be able to ask questions to the applicant, gathering information like personal details en experience immediately. The Flowbot can be activated on WhatsApp, live chat, Facebook Messenger or Telegram. This way a personal touch is added to a job application. 

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