Creating a file after a high number of contact moments was never this easy. Always keep track of your customer communication via all channels.

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Overview in conversations

The entire contact history with a contact is stored in a clear overview within a customer profile. This way emails, WhatsApp messages or any other contact moments can easily be added to a customer file. Profiles is one of the many great features Trengo can offer the Legal departments. 

All documents together

Never search through tons of emails to find the right attachment ever again. Trengo offers a clear overview of all the documents that have ever been exchanged between the organisation and the customer. Retrieving a contract or agreement has never been this easy. 

Record conversations

By recording phone calls and the possibility to make internal notes the organisation is sure information never gets lost. Every part of customer contact is stored and retrieved within the powerful Trengo inbox. 

Chat internally with colleagues

Stop sending time consuming internal emails, start @tagging! The risk of accidentally having a customer as a CC or BCC in an internal email becomes a thing of the past due to the internal chat feature in Trengo. Save up to 79% of internal emails, giving the legal department the opportunity to focus on legal tasks. 

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