Increase online accessibility

Social Messaging in the team inbox

WhatsApp & Messenger supported

There is no need to switch between different programs anymore! Every Direct Message will be received in the organisation's Team inbox. Thanks to Trengo the organisation is available for customer contact on all kinds of social messaging channels, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Twitter

Social Monitoring using the inbox

Keep an eye on posts and tags

Receive and manage comments on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts in the Trengo team-inbox. Thanks to Social Monitoring features in Trengo answering to comments or tags on Social media becomes just as easy as sending an email. Besides, answering to comments and emailing can be done within the same inbox, making processing all kinds of messages even more easy and fun. 

Start with live chat

Faster answer to questions results in a higher conversion

Creating a difference within conversion? Start implementing Trengo's live chat on the website, to make sure the organisation is always available to answer questions of your website visitors. Live chat has proven it's possibilities to increase conversion. 

Target specific visitors

More leads by proactively approaching the website visitor

Thanks to greetings within the chat widget targeting a group of customers becomes a piece of cake! Provide a returning website visitor with a code for a discount shown in a chat pop-up, or send out greetings based upon Google campaigns to give the customer a warm welcome, or increasing the feeling of a personal bond between the organisation and the customer. The succes of every greeting is easily measured as the date on how often a greeting is shown, opened or closed will be tracked. 

Your online presence

Visible and present on all popular communication channels

search  Social monitoring

Always up to date with comments and tags on all social media channels.

perm_identity  Experienced as personal

Personal contact using all communication channels in one inbox.

check  No delay

A super fast Chat widget that does not delay the response time of the website

360  Follow every step

Monitor every contact moment on each channel for the best customer journey ever.

category  Collaborate

Connect different departments within the organization for the best streamlined communication.

language  Mass communication

Reach the entire world with just one message.

The power of teamwork

Work more efficient as a team

Being available on multiple communication channels demands efficient teamwork and with the use of Trengo this can be easily realized. Assign messages to yourself or your colleagues to make sure every comment and incoming message will be answered fast and efficient. 

Automate actions for incoming messages

Use Rules to lower the workload for employees

Is one of the team members a star in answering to Instagram comments? Make sure that every incoming Instagram comment will automatically be assigned to him with the use of Rules. Receiving a lot of orders? Use rules to automatically assign them to the right team members without the need of a manual action and keep the overview within the inbox! 

More leads with Flowbots

24/7 online to get gather information from customers

A Flowbot gives a marketeer the opportunity to easily implement a powerful chatbot. Within a few simple clicks the Flowbot can be activated on almost every communication channel, automating conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or live chat for example. A customer can easily navigate through the different choices and questions the chatbot asks him, making sure he will be provided with the right answers. Flowbots can easily replace old fashioned forms, by asking for the needed information in a briljant and fun way, gathering leads 24/7. 

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