Create more leads

More leads thanks to live chat

Greetings will generate a higher upsell

Invite website visitors to initiate a chat conversation with the use of Greetings: smart pop-up messages with a customer oriented messages. These messages can be specialized based upon the page a website visitor is currently viewing, as well as for the number of visits a customer has paid to the organisation's website or the time spend on a page for example. This way returning visitors can get a special offer to turn them into loyal customers! 

Let Flowbots do the work

24/7 online to collects all requested information to follow up

Activate a Trengo Flowbot on every available channel (live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram for example) to be available and gather leads 24/7! It has never been this easy to be available 24/7! And with the increased availability on all communication channels the threshold for customer contact is incredibly low with the use of Trengo's Flowbots.  

Always available

Online on the customer's favourite channels

smartphone  Work more flexible

Always online thanks to the helpful Trengo app.

account_circle  Customer profiles

Background knowledge on a customer to take care of a personal conversation.

access_time  24/7 available

Thanks to our live chat features and intelligent chatbot.

question_answer  Accessible contact

On the customer's favourite channel

check  Efficient and fast

Thanks to features like quick replies and rules

people  Teamwork

Follow up more leads with your sales-team.

Connect the CRM system

All information present in Trengo at all times

Easily retrieve the customer's contact history within a clear customer profile. So whenever a customer calls or sends a WhatsApp message with questions about the offer that has been send by email, the right email will easily be retrieved. Link Trengo with the organisation's CRM to gain even more insights about the customer in the inbox. The status of a deal is directly at hand without the need to switch between programs. This helps employees to prepare a conversation, turning prospects into customers.

Don't lose sight of leads

Tips and tricks to work better and faster

Set a reminder on an emailed offer to check if a customer has sent a reply. If he hasn't it is possible to resend the email or to call the customer using the same inbox to make sure the offer is well received. Mark important conversations or prime customers as your favourites to be able to give them that little bit of extra attention. With these and a number of other great features following leads becomes really easy! 

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