Transport & logistics

Prevent inbox traffic jams. Keep your communication free of friction, while allowing employees on the road to access the inbox wherever they are.

Always with you

Deliverers and drivers are constantly on the road, with the use of Trengo than can be available ant any place! Using the Trengo app on a mobile phone or tablet on pc gives them the opportunity to have all the communication at hand everywhere in the world. Communicatie with a WhatsApp messager or Facebook message that the package has been delivered. This helps to keep the customer up to date at any moment. 

Customers can choose their prefer channels for service

Using Trengo, questions like "Has my package been delivered?" or "At what time will my order arrive?" will be easily answered. Deliverers and service employees use the Trengo inbox to answer customer questions as soon as possible, no matter the type of message. WhatsApp, Social Messaging, email, phone calls: everything will be answered at one place, never missing a message. Easily adopt modern communication channels in to the organisation's customer service strategy en lift it to a higher level. 

Connect with order software

To make sure the right package is delivered to the right customer, it is important to have all the right information at hand. Connect Trengo to a CRM or the order software to have all the information at hand in the inbox. Answering a customer's question has never been this easy. 

WhatsApp and Telegram

Talk with drivers about their destinations using Telegram or WhatsApp. 

Link conversations

Connect conversations with drivers and customers to each other to quickly have acces to the right information. 

Work from everywhere

Answer messages in Trengo using a mobile phone, tablet or pc and always be available. 

Self service

Provide answers to customer questions 24/7 thanks to the Help Center. 


Add Flowbots to chat and messaging channels to easily inform the customer about delivery time or the location of their package. 

Ticketing software

Assign messages to yourself or to colleagues, ticketing software helps your organisation maintaining an overview. 

One inbox for all colleagues

Give alle employees access to Trengo to easily process all the incoming WhatsApp and social media messages, emails and phone calls as a team. Assign messages to yourself or to a colleague and start answering them. Thanks to the clear ticketing process no message gets left behind. 

Resolve frequently asked questions

Add Quick Replies to the inbox to quickly respond to frequently asked questions. Or create a Help Center to give customers the opportunity to find these answers themselves, 24/7. Want to add a personal touch? Implement a Flowbot on de website chat and all the social messaging channels and let customers reach out to the organisation 24/7. The intelligent Flowbot will ask questions and provide customers with the right information. 

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“Trengo nos da la oportunidad de ayudar a más clientes”
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“Con trengo puedes trabajar de manera eficiente y al mismo tiempo ofrecer un excelente servicio”
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“¡El mejor software de servicio al cliente, muy fácil de usar y el soporte es fantástico!”
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