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For marketing teams

Turn WhatsApp into a marketing channel

With over 2.2 billion active users, your target audience is on WhatsApp. Add WhatsApp to your marketing strategy and lead customers through discovery, and browsing all the way to buying. Effortlessly.

Increase reach

Reach out in bulk

Broadcast your message to an entire audience via WhatsApp. Send discount codes, promotional messages, event invitations, and customer satisfaction surveys with the click of a button.

Automate for higher conversion

Let automation send the right message, at the right time

Send order notifications, payment requests, and shipping updates via WhatsApp. Connect your webshop, CRM, or any other platform to automatically trigger personalised messages at the right time.

Up engagement

Send out newsletters via WhatsApp

Make sure your newsletters get the attention they deserve by sending them via the channel your customers use most. WhatsApp messages have an average opening rate of 98%.


The platform that markets

Connect all channels, webshops and more. Access all customer data in one view and pick up speed.

From answering inquiries to promoting products and services


Send bulk messages, including newsletters, to a large audience on WhatsApp. With an avg. open rate of 98% you can be sure they’re being read.

Team inbox

All channels comes together in one inbox. Work with the team from a single view, that includes customer profiles, and fix and solve fast.


Never miss a conversation again. Implement Rules to assign Whatsapps to specific colleagues and teams instantly.


Keep your inbox at zero. Stay organised by automatically adding labels that categorise conversations.


Handle WhatsApp Business conversations with multiple users. Create teams and pick them up at speed.


Learn and improve. Look into reports for insights into the number of conversations, their statuses, and the productivity of your team.

for all industries

WhatsApp Marketing at work


Connect with website visitors and ensure carts are not abandoned. Use a WhatsApp chat on the website to automatically answer FAQs or send helpful resources.


Want to convert the customers segment that showed interest in mortgages? Follow up with a newsletter tailored to the segment and enjoy an open rate of 98%.

Travel & Leisure

Lower the threshold on upgrades and add-ons. Send automated messages based on contact moments and ensure the next additional tour booking.

Restaurant & Hospitality

Follow up on dinner with a discount code for the next meal via a customer’s favourite channel. And create a connection that translated into lifetime value.


“Trengo's location finder will automatically forwards conversations to the right location, and save us time.”

Trengo for support teams

Pricing starts at €16 per user/month


For smaller teams. Use team inbox, Live chat and flowbot to grow.


Value for money for SMBs. Add WhatsApp and CSAT to your platform.


For the full enterprise omnichannel approach. Make the most of engagement.

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