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Turn WhatsApp into a marketing channel

If your customers are on WhatsApp, why aren’t you? Forget about email and turn the world’s most popular messaging app into a powerful marketing channel.

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Send WhatsApp Messages in bulk

Broadcast your message to an entire audience via WhatsApp. Send discount codes, promotional messages, event invitations, and customer satisfaction surveys with the click of a button.

Let automations send the right WhatsApp message for you

Send order notifications, payment requests, and shipping updates via WhatsApp. Connect your webshop, CRM, or any other platform to automatically trigger personalized messages at the right time.

Send out newsletters via WhatsApp

Make sure your newsletters get the attention they deserve by sending them via the channel your customers use most. WhatsApp messages have an average opening rate of 98%.

Answer WhatsApp messages with your team

Use WhatsApp for more than just marketing. Answer customer service inquiries and sell products and services. Use WhatsApp Business with multiple users, all from one single view.  

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