Milestone: these companies now use the official WhatsApp Business solution at Trengo

Milestone: these companies now use the official WhatsApp Business solution at Trengo

Great news: it is now possible to use Trengo to answer WhatsApp messages with a team of colleagues! Thanks to a collaboration with a few of WhatsApp's partners, we can provide your organization with our multi-channel inbox that connects your organization to the official WhatsApp Business solution. 

Pixum, Carglass en Social Deal are already using WhatsApp for their customer communications

Currently the first organizations are successfully connected to the business solution for WhatsApp. You can now send WhatsApp messages to Pixum, for example. Asking them anything about your latest order! A team of employees at Pixum is ready to provide the incoming WhatsApp messages with an answer.

In addition, it is possible in Trengo to combine WhatsApp with all other communication channels in one well-arranged inbox. That way you can call a customer who started a conversation on WhatsApp in one easy step or provide them with an extensive quote via email.

The big advantage of this official WhatsApp Business API is that your company can be reached on one of the most used communication channels of the customer. In addition, via WhatsApp the customer has many options for sharing information with the organization. A customer with a crack in the windshield of their car can immediately share their live location with Carglass, for example. This way they know exactly where the customer is waiting for them. Sharing multiple photos, videos, contacts and files is supported as well.

WhatsApp Business for your organization?

Every week, various companies will be able to use to the business WhatsApp solution via Trengo. By creating a trial account for Trengo an registering your business at one of our partners, you will soon benefit from an officially approved WhatsApp Business account. This way, the customer can contact you with all his questions using WhatsApp. Of course, this may take some getting used to in the beginning, but with these tips all colleagues are completely ready to start using WhatsApp!

Want to know more about what WhatsApp Business can do for your organization? Send us a WhatsApp message!