Tips for using WhatsApp Business

Tips for using WhatsApp Business

Around 1.6 billion people worldwide use WhatsApp and no fewer than 500 million people use the popular communication app every day. An interesting opportunity to investigate the possibilities of using WhatsApp for business purposes. Especially since the upcoming official integration makes it possible to reply to WhatsApp messages with a team of colleagues. Want to know how to communicate with your customer using WhatsApp? We have some tips for you!

Find the correct Tone of Voice

WhatsApp is a very low-threshold channel for the customer to contact the organization. A question, an order or a complaint is just as easily sent as a message to a family member or friend. This also makes you inclined  to answer messages with a more informal use of words.

When using WhatsApp for business it is important that the organization chooses a Tone of Voice that matches the organization. If the overall communication of the organization is formal, it is advisable to keep communication via WhatsApp more business-like as well. When you address customers informally in an e-mail or telephone call, this can be done using WhatsApp as well.

Speed is important

One of the main reasons for customers to use WhatsApp to reach out to the company is that they want an answer to their question quickly. This is why it is important that these messages are properly monitored. This does not only apply to WhatsApp, but to the business use of Facebook or a Live Chat as well.

Does the company have to be online 24/7 to answer to WhatsApp messages?

WhatsApp is never really "offline", anyone can use the application on their phone 24/7 to send messages, even to businesses. By making smart use of Auto Replies or possibly even Chatbots, you can ensure that the customer still receives a response when the company is closed. That way, the customer knows when he can expect an answer.

Is it okay to use emoji’s?

This depends on the Tone of Voice of the organization. If you prefer a more business-like style of communicating through all your channels, then a customer might be surprised if you use emojis in WhatsApp.

If you choose to use emojis in your business communication via WhatsApp, keep in mind that you do so moderately. An overkill of emojis is never appreciated.

Combine WhatsApp Business with other communication channels

By working with Trengo, combining WhatsApp with other channels is easily set up. You can connect every channel to the same team inbox. This makes monitoring and answering calls and messages a lot easier. Moreover, a team inbox enhances teamwork. Therefore all customers can be quickly provided with an answer.

Perhaps the biggest advantage in this is for the customer: he can choose how he wants to approach the organization! Want to know more about the possibilities of WhatsApp Business via Trengo? Reach out to us via WhatsApp!