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One Conversational platform API for all customer engagement

With Trengo’s platform API, your team can efficiently communicate via all of your current and future communication channels.

platform api

Automate customer communication with flowbots

Answer specific questions automatically by giving your flowbot access to external software. With dynamic content, flowbots can automatically provide information about the customer's order status, the current stock, or delivery times.


Integrate sidebar apps into the inbox

Enable a productive workflow by integrating external software into your inbox. Your team will have access to important customer-specific information in sidebar apps. No more clicking back-and-forth.

api platform Customisation

Add your own custom channels

Create a connection with any channel of your liking. Even if there is no native integration with Trengo in place, you can process messages from external systems as regular conversations.


The all-in-one API platform solution

Ensure your team is fully prepared for the future. When a new popular channel pops up, Trengo allows your team to adopt it fast without having to integrate or update any new APIs.

55% of US consumers felt an instant personal connection to brands they could message straight away. Don’t let that chance of returning customers go, and set up a live-chat.

api platform

One powerful Trengo platform API for all channels


Easily adopt new communication channels without hassle.

Enable a fast workflow

Add all your channels and external apps in one inbox for a fast workflow.

Use in-depth documentation

Read practical and in-depth information on how to successfully set up the Trengo API.


Build a solid foundation and scale the quality of your customer engagement

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“Our support team was 30% more productive by using Trengo's automation and we saw our resolution time drop from 24 hours to +/- 14 hours.”


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