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January 21, 2021
Jan 21, 2021

How to use Chatbots for Google Business Messages

Liselot Hofman
Written by
chatbot for google business messages

You can now use Trengo to answer all your incoming messages from Google Business Messages. This channel will make it easier for you to get in contact with potential customers early — even before they have ever visited your website.

To top it off, you can use Trengo's chatbot to communicate via Google Business Messages even faster. By using a chatbot, you will improve accessibility, speed, and customer satisfaction.

It's the icing on the cake - or so they say.

But first things first. In this article, I will share the benefits of using chatbots for Google Business Messages.

What is a chatbot

For some of us, the chatbot might already be a well-known colleague. But if you're not as familiar, let me give you a short introduction.

A chatbot is a scripted AI tool that talks to customers via multiple channels. From WhatsApp Business to Facebook Messenger and live chat on your website. A chatbot helps you by collecting customer information and by handling simple support queries.

Benefits of using a chatbot

By using a chatbot, you will:

  • Increase customer satisfaction: the customer gets help right away. No need to wait or to be transferred to different channels and departments.
  • Improve accessibility and speed: chatbots are available 24/7 and always reply fast.
  • Saves on costs and time: chatbots can take over time-consuming tasks such as answering frequently asked questions and gathering customer information.

3 ways you can use chatbots for Google Business Messages

When your team needs all their time and energy to focus on difficult issues, it's nice to have an extra (digital) employee to handle all the busywork. Here are three ways in which our bots make that happen.

1. Answer frequently asked questions

When customers find your business via Google Maps, they are probably planning on visiting your store. But before they hop in the car, they may have some questions first. And a lot of times, those questions are quite simple. Such as what your business hours are.

Answering these types of questions over and over again is time-consuming. Instead, it can be safely handed over to chatbots.

The chatbot recognizes the question and answers with relevant information.

The frequently asked questions can include:

  • Opening hours
  • Available products
  • Return policies
Chatbots for Google Business Messages

2. Handle support queries by using dynamic content

By using dynamic content, your chatbot can assist you with answering simple support queries.

Dynamic content is content that changes based on customer information. Remember those "personal" emails you receive?

"Goodmorning [customer name],"

That's an example dynamic content.

Trengo’s chatbot can retrieve dynamic content through integrations with, for example, e-commerce software like Shopify and Picqer.

By using dynamic content, the chatbot can help your customer with:

  • Order status and information
  • Product issues
  • Product information

Here's an example:

Chatbots for Google Business Messages use dynamic content

The chatbot pulls up relevant information in response to the dynamic content. This way, your customer gets help right away — even with some more personal questions. And this too saves you from a lot of manual tasks that would normally take up a big chunk of your time.

3. Register leads by asking for information

A chatbot can also easily gather customer information, which helps you to register leads in a flash.

Think of customer information, such as:

  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Phone number

But also order information, such as:

  • Product of choice
  • Size and amount
  • Pick-up time
Chatbots for Google Business Messages register leads

The customer information will automatically appear under the customer contact profile in Trengo. After gathering all the order information, the chatbot routes the conversation back to your team. Your sales team will be able to pick up these right when they arrive in your inbox.

How you can set up a chatbot in Trengo

Although Google created this awesome communication channel, a chatbot is not part of the deal yet. Luckily, Trengo can help you with setting up your chatbot.

In Trengo you use drag & drop blocks to build your own no-code chatbot. You can decide when your chatbot should be active and on which channels.

Trengo's chatbot is set up in 5 simple steps.

Hire a chatbot for your Google Business Messages

It's time to get the most out of your customer communication. Offer even faster service than before and create a chatbot for your Google Business Messages.

Liselot Hofman
Written by

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